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CityNet supported MilliNet 2023 competition

CityNet supported MilliNet 2023 competition

The National Internet Award competition - MilliNet 2023 was held under the general sponsorship of the CityNet company. The culminating award ceremony, hosted traditionally by the Azerbaijan Internet Forum to honor MilliNet competition winners, welcomed representatives from the state and private sectors, the country's Internet community, prominent ICT sector companies, and media organizations.

This year, 222 internet resources were submitted to the competition in 13 nominations, and 195 of them were accepted. For the first time, the evaluation process went beyond the traditional three aspects (design, content, and technical) and factored in the usefulness, significance, and project scale. In the end, the top entries were chosen from 71 resources, earning nominee status across all 13 categories.

"CityNet, guided by a customer-oriented approach in its activities and driven by innovations, actively contributes to the advancement of Azerbaijan's ICT sector. We are delighted to support the MilliNet 2023 competition and are interested in the implementation of the projects that contribute to the development of the digital ecosystem in our country. As a company, our goal is to always provide quality connectivity and excellent customer service to subscribers in the individual and corporate segments. In this direction, we remain dedicated to applying the latest innovations and expanding our network coverage nationwide," stated Teymur Asgarzadeh, Chief Executive Officer of CityNet.

MilliNet is a competition that brings together specialists in the field of ICT, promotes innovation, contributes to the development and promotion of the best national Internet resources, overall fostering the development of information technologies in our country.



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