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"CityNet" is the main partner of the "GameSummit" festival

"CityNet" is the main partner of the "GameSummit" festival

The country's leading internet provider "CityNet" is the main partner of "GameSummit", a large gaming festival in Azerbaijan.

At the "GameSummit Summer 2024" festival, which will be held in "Baku Crystal Hall" on June 1-2, guests of all ages will have the opportunity to have fun in VR and interactive zones, and at the same time have the opportunity to chat with a real robot with advanced artificial intelligence and win various prizes.

"CityNet", the main partner of this festival organized in our country for the 3rd time, will welcome the participants at a special stand with the theme "City of the Future". International virtual competitions, valuable prizes and an exclusive game arena full of fun await guests at CityNet City. In addition, the first cyber sports game of Azerbaijan developed by our compatriots will be presented for the first time in the "CityNet" campus. "CityNet" allows participants to test this game before everyone else.

It should be noted that "CityNet" constantly supports projects and initiatives that promote digital development and innovation in our country. "CityNet" acted as the main partner in the previous "GameSummit" festivals.



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