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CityNet becomes general partner of GameSummit festival

CityNet becomes general partner of GameSummit festival

CityNet, the internet provider, is the general partner of GameSummit, a spectacular gaming festival returning for its second edition in Azerbaijan.

GameSummit, which will be held on December 9 at Flame Towers, Fairmont Baku Hotel, aims to bring together all the country’s gaming fans, cosplayers, as well as those who are enthusiastic about geek culture and comics. The festival, which will be held under the title of GameSummit Baku Winter Edition, will be a great platform to enjoy gaming experiences through the most diverse range of entertainment both online and offline.

Throughout the festival, an array of tournaments and championships will unfold across various games, featuring interesting and diverse simulators. Within the festival’s framework, the show games and final stages of the championships of the games ‘Fortnite’, ‘Valorant’, ‘CS2’, ‘Dota2’, and ‘League of Legends’, featuring the participation of Azerbaijan’s top-tier esports teams, will be held in a dedicated arena called CityNet. Additionally, retro gaming and board game championships will be organized to recreate the atmosphere of the famous classic hit games of the past. Continuing the tradition of the GameSummit festival, the VR zone will be open to visitors, where everyone can enjoy the ultimate virtual entertainment, taking the audience to the imaginary world behind the screen.

This grand event, returning for the second time in our country with CityNet as its general partner, aims to become a festival where every participant can delve into the world of exciting games, experience emotions and unforgettable adventures. Notably, CityNet previously supported this festival as a general partner in June. 



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