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"Children shining like the sun" appeared on the catwalk

"Children shining like the sun" appeared on the catwalk

A charity event called "Children shining like the sun and their colorful world" dedicated to June 1 - World Children's Day was held at "Mugam" restaurant in Icherisheher. A fashion show was organized during the event. The students of Social Services Agency "Social service institution for persons with disabilities up to 18 years of age No. 1" showed the guests the handmade clothes of fashion designer Sabina Zulalova.

The event was organized by the Social Services Agency. It was decided to attract the attention of the guests to the topic of ecology.

According to the project prepared by fashion designer Sabina Zulalova, each image on the catwalk became the embodiment of natural elements. The collection created by the founder of the NGO "Environmental Support in a Smart Society" demonstrated how harmoniously the traditional elements of Azerbaijani culture, which are inseparably connected with their land, are adapted to modern realities. The theme of ecology is always present in Sabina Zulalova's collections. This topic is constantly paid attention to in fashion shows.

During the festive event, guests were presented with a fashion show of exclusive clothes made for girls. Children with disabilities participated in the demonstration. The fashion designer presented the dresses worn by the young models to the clothes from Sabina Zulalova's collection as a charity gift for the World Children's Day.



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