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Birbank team has won the Azerbaijan Championship

Birbank team has won the Azerbaijan Championship

Kapital Bank, proudly served as the financial partner for the intellectual TV program “Brain Ring”. The 22nd season of the intellectual TV program “Brain Ring”, where participants demonstrated their knowledge, has ended up and “BirBank” team has won the Azerbaijan Championship.

Every Monday on Public Television, a project is broadcasted featuring 10 cities and 7 universities, along with 20 teams representing sponsors, competing for the championship. In the new season that started in March 2023, two stages have been played. According to the rules, the first season crowned the Bilik Cup champion, while the second season determined the Nar Cup winner. And a few days ago, the victorious teams of the Bilik and Nar cups engaged in a thrilling duel to claim the title of Azerbaijan's champion.

It's worth noting that, in the 22nd season of the show, Kapital Bank was represented by the Birbank team, comprising renowned Azerbaijani sports commentators including Gunduz Abbaszade, Rustam Fataliyev, Suleyman Veliyev, Shamseddin Abbasov, and Ahmed Aliyev. Alongside these seasoned sports journalists, the team featured Hasan Abbasli, a student from the Baku Higher Oil School, added a fresh perspective to the mix.

Kapital Bank supports intellectual games and educational projects as part of its socially oriented activities. It should be noted that apart from “Brain Ring” games, Kapital Bank is also the official partner of the intellectual club “What? Where? When?”



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