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Better future with healthy youth

Better future with healthy youth

Azerbaijan, the country that hosted very prestigious sports events is not just known on a global scale for its rich history and culture but also its passion for sports. Historically, various types of sports have developed in our country and Gymnastics takes the most important place among them.

The highest example of the value given to sports in our country is the President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva’s contribution to the development of Gymnastics in Azerbaijan, as she always provided support to organize giant sports celebrations for the younger generation. Azerbaijan has many sports clubs that train successful athletes. We have high hopes that Pro Sports Club, which has recently joined the ranks of those, will train young talented gymnasts as well.

“In our country, where the sport is highly valued, we, as the FCHAIN team, will do our best for the further development of the Pro Sport Club’s young gymnasts. The success of our little gymnasts is our success as well” – said Zaur Gadirov, Managing Partner at Financial Chain Corporation.

It should be noted that the official sponsor of the “Pro Sport” team is Financial Chain Corporation. “Pro Sport” Club was established in September 2022 and has already managed to gather two hundred children. The club has already held several open tournaments and has also participated in several international tournaments. The “Pro Sport” Club offers classes in artistic gymnastics for girls, acrobatics for boys, as well as ballet and choreography for girls. Currently, the club trains over 200 children. One of those young gymnasts is Zuleikha, whose sports expenses have fully been sponsored by FCHAIN Corporation.

“FCHAIN is a company which supporting talented adolescents and teenagers, believing in their successful future. Our slogan is “Better future” and we are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the happy, healthy, and successful lives of the next generation” – mentioned Zaur Gadirov, Managing Partner at Financial Chain Corporation.

FCHAIN Corporation is a leading global consulting company that provides services in finance and legal in 14 countries around the world and the company’s scope of activity expands day by day.



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