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"Azerlotereya" at "Baku Marathon-2024"

"Azerlotereya" at "Baku Marathon-2024"

"Azerlotereya" once again participated as a partner of "Baku Marathon - 2024" and supported the prestigious event.

The purpose of the marathon held for the seventh time under the slogan "Beat the wind" is to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle in our country and support the development of sports.

More than 18,000 participants took part in the marathon organized on May 5 at the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

In the entertainment zone of the competition, interesting games were organized for the guests who approached the "Azerlotereya" stand. Various prizes were presented to the winning participants.

In addition to the starting point of the seventh Baku Marathon, the finish line, as in the previous year, was at the State Flag Square and covered a distance of 21 kilometers.

In addition to citizens of Azerbaijan, foreigners living and working in the country and citizens of other countries also joined the marathon, which was held with great enthusiasm.

It should be noted that the country's legal lottery organizer, sports betting operator "Azerlotereya" will continue to support nationally important events as part of its corporate social responsibility activities.



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