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Azerbaijani NGOs establish 'Environmental Protection First' coalition

'Environmental Protection First' coalition

A number of non-governmental organizations in Azerbaijan have issued a statement regarding the establishment of a coalition named 'Environmental Protection First'.

"We, the undersigned non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan, express our deep concern that the economic activity in Armenia's mining industry, which is increasingly strengthened by grossly violating environmental norms and standards, is leading the entire South Caucasus region, which is home to over 15 million people, into disaster. In response, we would like to announce the creation of the coalition called "Environmental Protection First" (EPF) to unite efforts in the fight against it.

Expert inspections have uncovered that the toxic chemical waste from Armenia's mining ventures has inflicted significant harm on water resources and the environment along the border with Azerbaijan. These issues are equally as troubling as the challenges posed by mines and ruins in the newly liberated areas, obstructing the safe return and livelihood of the local population."

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