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"Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited" (AIMC) company distributed Nowruz gifts to low-income families

"Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited" (AIMC) company distributed Nowruz gifts to low-income families

Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited (AIMC), the leading gold and copper producer of Azerbaijan, traditionally distributed gifts to low-income families living in Gadabay region on the occasion of Nowruz holiday.

Employees of the company delivered gifts of various food products to more than 300 families living in Gadabay region and congratulated them on the upcoming Novruz holiday.

As one of the main directions of the social policy implemented in our country, the charity event organized by the AIMC company covered the population living in the villages of Arikhdam, Soyudlu, Garadag, including the Gumlu massif of Gadabay region, in order to contribute to the care and attention given to low-income families. Residents expressed their gratitude to everyone, including the participants of the action, especially our state, for the support provided by the AIMC.

As part of its charitable mission, the AIMC regularly provides financial and moral support to low-income families. It supports the implementation of payments to improve the housing conditions of needy families, pay for their children's education, solve health problems, and cover high-margin operating costs. The company, which supports about 20 students with school supplies and school uniforms every year, provided uniforms and school supplies to about 120 first grade students in the latest project. AIMC also provides scholarships to outstanding students studying Mining and Geology.

Earlier, more than 800 students participated in computer and English language courses organized by the company. At the same time, the necessary procedures are currently being carried out for the resumption of these courses, which were suspended during the pandemic.

It should be noted that the AIMC, besides sponsoring the Taekwondo and Football championships organized in Gadabay, constantly finances them for the continuous operation of the aforementioned sports.

At the same time, the company supports the restoration of rural roads several times a year by providing equipment and necessary materials.

"Azerbaijan International Mining Company Limited" is trying to contribute to the development of philanthropic traditions and the strengthening of solidarity principles in our country with this kind of activity.

Adhering to social responsibility, the employees of the AIMC company distributed holiday gifts to low-income families on the occasion of World Azerbaijani Solidarity Day. The company's employees said that they will continue this tradition during Ramadan.



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