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Azerbaijan assigns COP29's head of volunteer work

Azerbaijan assigns COP29's head of volunteer work

The head of the Volunteer Relations Department of Azerbaijan Operating Company COP29 has been appointed.

According to the information, this sphere was entrusted to Adila Aliyeva, the director of projects and the volunteer work department at the Heydar Aliyev Foundation's 'Regional Development' Public Union (RDPU)

Meanwhile, the activity of volunteers in previously organized COP projects has always been considered important, and hundreds of volunteers are expected to take part in COP29 to be held in the capital of Azerbaijan in November this year.

Adilya Aliyeva, who has been working in RDPU since 2019, has been a participant in various projects, including projects and events on environmental protection, and environmental education of the population.

A graduate of the Azerbaijan State Economic University, Adilya Aliyeva received a master's degree from the University of Bristol in the UK. Adilya Aliyeva was awarded the Presidential Youth Prize for her public and socially-oriented activity by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan in 2023.



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