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Another opportunity to join the "InMerge Innovation Summit"!

Another opportunity to join the "InMerge Innovation Summit"!

Less than a week is left for the "InMerge Innovation Summit", which is of great importance for the innovation ecosystem of the country as well as the region.

What other news about the event has been announced in the last week?

The summit is offering 60% discount on a limited number of 100 tickets for the last week only.

Note that this discount will be active on November 24 and 25.

In addition, the summit presented its special mobile application - "Brella". This mobile app allows users to view the event calendar, schedule appointments with speakers and guests, and meet sponsors.

Let's remind once again that co-founder of "Apple" Steve Wozniak, co-founder of "Tesla" JB Straubel and many world-famous executives will participate in this summit organized by "PASHA Holding". You can visit the website to buy tickets and get more information about the event.



P.S. Do you have a cool CSR idea and/or looking for a sponsor? Please fill the form on Opportunities page or discuss it via forum


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