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A mediatour has been organized to the Paper Recycling Factory

A mediatour has been organized to the Paper Recycling Factory

Adhering to its tradition, "Azersun Holding", which activity is always open to the public, and which regularly organizes mediation for production enterprises, invited members of media to the production enterprise.

This time the tour was organized to the Paper Recycling Factory operating under the Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Production Combine (AKKIK) as part of the "Green World Solidarity Year".

Welcoming the journalists, the factory manager Ali Mammadov gave extensive information about the paper recycling process. Noting that the process consists of several stages, the expert said that after the received waste is sorted, it is mixed with water and dough is made. In the next step, the obtained dough mass is made into paper in the machines and after drying in steam, it is rolled.

The factory manager noted that all the equipment used in the production process complies with modern technological standards and was imported.

Noting that the annual production capacity of the enterprise is 50,000 tons, Ali Mammadov said that thanks to this, cutting of 850,000 trees a year is prevented. Thus, recycling 1 ton of waste paper ensures protection of 17 trees.

As part of the media tour organized to AKKIK, experts working at the factory introduced journalists to the process and answered their questions.

It should be noted that during the 10-year period of its operation, this factory, which ensures the protection of approximately 8.5 million trees, is one of the largest Corporate Social Responsibility projects implemented by "Azersun Holding". The factory also implements many environmental awareness projects on waste management.



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