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A female entrepreneur who received her first order from England: I started this business with a budget of 60 manats - SUCCESS STORY

A female entrepreneur who received her first order from England: I started this business with a budget of 60 manats - SUCCESS STORY

AZERTAC's regional correspondent got acquainted with the handicrafts of entrepreneur Kifayat Talibzade, and listened to her success story.

The young entrepreneur received higher education in Poland. Then she returned to Masalli region, where she was born, to live and start a business there. However, she encountered a number of difficulties. Despite this, she did not give up, fighting for her dreams, she was able to create a social entrepreneurship project that will provide employment to Masalli women. Thus, in 2019, Kifayat Talibzadeh founded "AzerCorab" social entrepreneurship project to provide employment to unemployed women in rural areas and started knitting socks with four women.

"I always paid attention to women of the region. I was worried about them to do mainly housework and not being able to leave the house. When I talked with those ladies, I understood that they were depressed economically and socially. I thought I should start a business to be able to attract such ladies. First, I did research, found weavers in Masalli, bought yarn and started knitting socks together with them. So, after establishing this business, I helped the housewives even if it was small. I started this work with a budget of 60 manats. The ladies of the community used to spend almost all their time in their homes. And now they go out, work, socialize, help each other. They also participate in the educational process and earn income for their families. At present, there are more than twenty weavers in the collective, and their number is increasing every month," says Kifayat Talibzadeh.

Demand for the products prepared by Kifayat and her team is also high. Because handicrafts made by the weaving method do not contain any chemical additives and are made of natural wool. The female entrepreneur says that in the future she is thinking about exhibiting her products at local and international exhibitions, and there are already proposals in this direction. Currently, the ladies who weave socks in various forms have also started weaving rugs because of the orders.

"AzerCorab" sells home-made socks to its customers everywhere from the USA to New Zealand.

"We also accept orders from our social network accounts. Our first order was from England. How happy we were, it was like a dream. Slowly, they began to buy our socks from France, Italy, Germany, America, and Canada. Yes, these are the same socks knitted in Masalli. We send our handicrafts to Europe and America. It was a miracle. Moreover, we place postcards in the stocks. It shows where the product is sent from, who we are and who knits the socks," adds the interlocutor.

According to her, there is great potential in the field of entrepreneurship development in our country. In particular, women should develop themselves in this field: "We try to knit different clothes and things. We want to use state support for this. We plan to apply for the support of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA). We believe that we will get a positive response and they will support us in the direction of expanding our project and solving our problems."



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