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A blood donation campaign was held at Yelo Bank

A blood donation campaign was held at Yelo Bank

Yelo Bank, distinguished by its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, organized a blood donation campaign at its head office this time. This important initiative was held with the joint partnership of the Central Blood Bank and the Thalassemia Center under the slogan "Give blood, save life". Management staff and employees of Yelo Bank participated in the event as voluntary donors. Each donor was thoroughly examined by mobile medical staff of the Central Blood Bank, and safety and health standards were followed. Collected blood stock will be used to treat patients suffering from hemophilia and thalassemia. The Bank is proud to contribute to such life-saving initiatives and plans to continue such projects in the future.

Noting that health comes first, Yelo Bank urges everyone to participate in such actions, do not hesitate to donate and support those in need.



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