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TuranBank helped stray animals in need of care

TuranBank helped stray animals in need of care

Adhering to the principles of socially responsible banking, TuranBank signed another charity campaign and supported stray animals in the direction of animal protection.

Thus, the bank visited the animal shelter located in Zagatala region and provided animals with food, medical supplies and all other necessary needs. It should be noted that more than 200 animals are placed in the shelter. In addition, TuranBank installed houses for stray cats in front of all sales points to protect them from cold and snowy weather and provided them with food and water constantly.

The main goal of this project implemented by the bank is to form a tradition of showing compassion and love to stray animals in need of care, increasing attention to them, raising awareness about animal welfare in the society, and promoting a humane approach to animals.

For the information, TuranBank always focuses on vulnerable population groups within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility program, and always actively participates in initiatives to meet the needs and social protection of family members of martyrs, veterans, as well as in measures taken for the sake of the environment.



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