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The leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan signs up for GSMA Climate Action Taskforce

The leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan signs up for GSMA Climate Action Taskforce

Azercell will strive to move the mobile industry closer to Net Zero carbon emissions within the Strategic Partnership with GSMA.

Azercell Telecom LLC, the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan, proudly announces its participation in the Climate Action Taskforce as an active member of the GSMA. Aligned with its strategic mission of "Easing connectivity, empowering lives," Azercell is dedicated to advancing the mobile industry towards Net Zero carbon emissions.

Zarina Zeynalova, CEO at Azercell Telecom LLC, emphasized the company's commitment to the program, stating, "Our involvement in the GSMA Climate Action Taskforce is a testament to our strategic imperative of enhancing the quality of life and fostering a healthier future. We firmly believe that the initiatives undertaken within this taskforce will contribute to the sustainable development of our country".

The Climate Action Taskforce, boasting over 60 operator groups worldwide, unites industry leaders, including GSMA and Azercell, in a collaborative effort. Together, they aim to propel the mobile industry towards achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, thereby playing a pivotal role in addressing the global climate crisis.

This proactive climate action encompasses a comprehensive agenda such as engagement with mobile industry suppliers on climate initiatives, enhancement of the environmental sustainability of mobile devices and equipment, utilization of mobile connectivity for carbon emission reduction through innovative technology, and the fortification of infrastructure to manage extreme weather events in an era of rapid climate change.

It is imperative to note that GSMA, a globally recognized organization, serves as a unifying force in the mobile ecosystem, driving innovation that not only underpins positive business environments but also catalyzes societal change.

Azercell Telecom LLC remains resolute in its commitment to corporate responsibility, actively contributing to the collective efforts aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change and steering the mobile industry towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.



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