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"Shokki Mokki" continues to support inclusive education

"Shokki Mokki" continues to support inclusive education

"Shokki Mokki" continues to contribute to education and development of children in Baku and regions.

Thus, the mentioned brand increases the number of pre-school education centers established in regions within the framework of the "My School" project together with the UAFA organization.

Regularly, the brand and the organization monitor the preparation process conducted by female entrepreneurs using a special methodology, and consult with parents.

This time, the goodwill ambassadors of the inclusive education project, well-known figures Fira Jalilova and Saleh Nasirov, visited "My School" educational institutions located in Hajigabul district.

Celebrities who contribute to promotion of the project and support of female entrepreneurs regularly visit the capital and regions and talk about the importance of pre-school education.

It should be noted that our national brand "Shokki Mokki" went together with the UAFA organization under the slogan "Happy Futures" and supported the opening of more than 50 "My School" educational institutions in different regions of Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the project, more than 70 women entrepreneurs have created conditions to start their own businesses and 100s of children have access to pre-school education. The goal of the project is to create inclusive educational opportunities for children in need of special care, along with quality education in the regions.



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