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Professional Intellectual League sponsored by "Misli" continues in the new season

Professional Intellectual League sponsored by "Misli" continues in the new season

"Misli" brand of Azerbaijan's legal lottery and sports betting operator "Azerlotereya" OJSC continues to sponsor the Professional Intellectual League (PIL), where the country's best intellectual gamers compete within the framework of corporate social responsibility activities of the company.

The PIL, which has been carried out for years, continues for 2 seasons with the support of "Misli". The goal is to support the movement of intellectual games, increase interest in science and education among young people, expand their world view, create a competitive environment, as well as instill the history and culture of Azerbaijan in the young generation.

This year the tournament started on February 11. 22 games are planned to be held during the project, which will cover the spring and autumn seasons. Only persons over the age of 18 can participate in the games held every weekend. 60-70 people compete against each other in intellectual games every week. The project is expected to last until the end of December. At the end of the 10-round season, the winning teams will be presented with valuable prizes and cash prizes.

It should be noted that "Azerlotereya" OJSC always attaches special importance to socially oriented projects aimed at the development of society. The company will continue to support such events that contribute to the progress of science and education, intellectual development of the young generation, and help them spend their free time effectively.

This step of "Azerlotereya", which always supports the priority policy of the state in the direction of sports development, makes a great contribution to the development of football in the country. One of the things done in this direction is the sponsorship agreement signed between "Azerlotereya" and "Sabah" football and basketball clubs, as well as "Mingachevir" Football Club. The goal is to provide mass participation in sports, to train young athletes, to promote social responsibility through football and basketball competitions, and to support the formation of fan culture.



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