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PASHA Holding aiding children of persons killed in Azerbaijan's Karabakh

PASHA Holding aiding children of persons killed in Azerbaijan's Karabakh

PASHA Holding is planning a social program for children of those slain in local anti-terrorist measures in Azerbaijan's Karabakh on September 19–20, 2023.

PASHA Holding has been running a social support program for the minor children of Azerbaijani heroes killed in the 2020 Second Karabakh War since last year.

Starting in 2024, the present program will also cover the children of those who died during local anti-terrorist measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in Karabakh in September last year.

Currently, the project covers more than 2,000 children and more than 1,000 families of those who died in the 2020 second Karabakh war after its end and during the September provocations (the shelling of the Azerbaijani Army by Armenian armed forces on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border in 2022), as well as those who died during local anti-terrorist measures.

Children of martyrs get celebratory presents from PASHA Holding and the Bravo grocery chain for New Year's, Novruz, Gurban, and Ramadan holidays, as well as Victory Day (which commemorates Azerbaijan's victory in the second Karabakh war), as part of the program.

Furthermore, PASHA Insurance Company offers an enhanced insurance package to children of martyrs through the program, which includes dental care, screening examinations, and treatment for chronic conditions.

Furthermore, the organization provides school materials to the children of martyrs for the next academic year.



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