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Opportunities for rural youth in the "Green World Solidarity Year"

Opportunities for rural youth in the "Green World Solidarity Year"

The Mobile Youth Service, which sets out to provide opportunities to young people living in remote villages, continues its activities with the slogan "Opportunities are coming for you!".

According to the declaration of 2024 as the "Green World Solidarity Year" in our country, this year the Mobile Youth Service is aimed at increasing the awareness of young people on environment, as well as their knowledge and activities in the field of environmental protection.

The project aims to increase the accessibility of the services and programs created by the state youth policy for youth to young people living in remote villages, to raise awareness about youth policy, as well as to support the social activity of young people, to organize their free time effectively, and to organize events aimed at expanding their knowledge, skills and outlook. The project was first implemented in Agdash region.

Meetings of young people on ecology (COP29), patriotism, entrepreneurship, career and effective use of digital tools were organized with professionals, as well as with representatives of a number of partner institutions. Later, training sessions on "Youth politics and statehood", "Let's say no to harmful habits", "Choice of profession and career" and "Healthy and safe life" were held for young people.

Within the framework of the Mobile Youth Service, master-classes were held for village youth in various fields - robotics, drawing, 3D printer and pen, applied network art.

In addition to the above, the event area included an innovative exhibition in STEAM format, images and artworks created by young people with artificial intelligence tools dedicated to the "Green World Solidarity Year", a virtual trip with virtual glasses, and a personal questionnaire (CV) creation service for young people.



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