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Nar celebrates outstanding achievements of the Azerbaijani youth

Nar celebrates outstanding achievements of the Azerbaijani youth

Nar recognizes the excellence of students who scored the highest marks at university admissions exams. The highest performing students will be presented with special prizes. Acknowledging the importance of technology in the modern-day education, Nar will award soon to be university students with smartphones, mobile numbers with sufficient balance for more convenient communication. This will ensure a smooth integration into university life and unlock new learning opportunities for students.

Nar has been awarding the students who scored the maximum points in the entrance exams since 2018. In alignment with UN sustainability goals, Nar prioritizes support for education as a key direction of its CSR strategy. By promoting education today, Nar contributes to a brighter future tomorrow. To learn more about projects implemented by Nar, you can visit

Nar provides top-quality communication services to 2.2 million customers. Nar has been the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Net Promoter Score for the last 5 years. The mobile operator adheres to a customer-centric strategy and provides excellent service at an affordable price.



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