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"Lu-Mun Holding" LLC and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held a humanitarian charity action

"Lu-Mun Holding" LLC and the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society held a humanitarian charity action

Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRCS) jointly with "Lu-Mun Holding" LLC carried out a humanitarian charity action. The charity action was carried out on April 11, 2024 in the center of Neftchala region and in the territory of Zagatala region.

Within the framework of the project, more than 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid food products were delivered to 80 families (about 240 people). We would like to inform that more than 18 kilograms of different types of food products in each box were distributed to low-income families consisting of 3-5 people and lonely elderly people.

Employees of "Azerbaijan Fish Farm" LLC, a subsidiary of "Lu-Mun" holding, also participated in the event.

The Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society, which has a glorious history of more than 100 years, is the largest humanitarian organization which role is defined by the requirements of the legislation. AzRCS has been providing humanitarian aid to people since 1920 without any discrimination based on nationality, gender, race, religious beliefs, class or political views.

Operating since 2017, "Lu-Mun Holding" LLC is an investment company that implements large-scale projects in the fields of agriculture and food production in Azerbaijan. The main mission of the holding is to optimize and revive Azerbaijan's national resources. The holding's goals are to make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle accessible and attractive to our society and to leave a mark in history with the services and products it develops.

It should be noted that Donation Management System named "YARDIM.ET" created for the purpose of digitization of humanitarian services and legal actions provided by the society operates. Within this system, collection and management of donations is carried out by such means as HÖP, SMS, "MilliÖn", "eManat",, "m10", "mPay", "ePul", "PASHA Bank", "Bank of Baku" and "Unibank" mobile applications, as well as via website through a bank card etc. Collected donations are directed to provide appropriate humanitarian aid to needy people and do not have any commercial or profit purpose.

All companies and organizations implementing corporate social responsibility, including individual entrepreneurs and philanthropists, can apply for cooperation with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society at the following address:



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