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In February, meetings and educational events will be held for entrepreneurs on various topics

In February, meetings and educational events will be held for entrepreneurs on various topics

In February, sectoral and educational meetings will be organized for entrepreneurs on more than 10 topics with the participation of the relevant state institutions.

The events organized by the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA) will focus on beekeeping, livestock farming, tea farming, development of family agriculture, cocooning and sericulture, tourism and public catering, agribusiness, food wheat production, viticulture and winemaking, development of women's entrepreneurship, preferential financial resources. Events will be organized in online and offline formats, in addition to Baku city, in other cities and regions.

Entrepreneurs who want to participate in the mentioned events can get the date, place and other information of the event from the official website of the agency (, if they have any questions about the event, they can contact the coordinating persons.

In field meetings, with the participation of representatives of relevant state institutions and business associations, entrepreneurs will be informed about state support mechanisms and innovations in relevant fields, difficulties faced by business subjects and their solutions will be discussed, needs and proposals of SMEs in relevant fields will be studied, and questions of interest to entrepreneurs will be answered. Appropriate measures will be taken within the framework of the state-entrepreneur cooperation platform to solve the issues raised by entrepreneurs in field meetings.

KOBIA invites entrepreneurs to actively participate in field meetings to be held in February. At the same time, entrepreneurs can submit their proposals to the agency ( for holding field meetings regarding the issues they need to discuss and inform about.


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