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"From craftsmanship to social entrepreneurship" project in the city of Lankaran

From craftsmanship to social entrepreneurship

A round table and an exhibition was organized in the Lankaran City Culture Center of the Lankaran-Astara Regional Culture Department within the framework of the project "From Craftsmanship to Social Entrepreneurship". Artisans from Lankaran, Masalli, Lerik and Astara, entrepreneurs and experts specializing in the field of cultural heritage took part in the event.

It should be noted that the mentioned project is implemented with the financial support of the State Support Agency for Non-Governmental Organizations of Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Cultural Heritage Craft Support and Creative Industry Public Union and is being held in 2 regions covering the months of July-September of the current year. The next event will be held in Sheki. At the end of the project, it is planned to organize an exhibition-conference event called "From Craftsmanship to Social Entrepreneurship" in Baku with the participation of artisans, experts and guests from the regions.

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