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"AzerGold" held a meeting with residents of the remote villages of Dashkasan

"AzerGold" held a meeting with residents of the remote villages of Dashkasan

On December 20, the next meeting of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee of "AzerGold" Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC) was held with the residents of remote Chovdar and Gushchu villages of Dashkasan region, as well as the residents of the settlement called "Shadakh".

Khayyam Farzaliyev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of "AzerGold" CJSC, Chairman of the CSR Committee, spoke at the meeting about the projects implemented in the direction of improving the well-being of the residents of villages and towns located in the region where the Joint Stock Company carries out production activities and environmental protection. It was noted that during the past period, numerous events organized in Dashkasan related to increasing employment, supporting the development of micro-entrepreneurship, health, education and awareness have contributed to the state programs of a social nature and led to the achievement of positive results in the mentioned directions.

In the meeting, information was also given about new social projects planned to be implemented by the Joint Stock Company in 2024. It was reported that the action plan for CSR projects of "AzerGold" CJSC for the next year was prepared taking into account the suggestions and socio-economic needs of local communities.

Later, citizens' appeals were heard and opinions were exchanged regarding new initiatives. In the meeting, the issues raised by the citizens were also registered for investigation and resolution within the existing legislation.

At the end, holiday gifts were distributed to the meeting participants on behalf of "AzerGold" CJSC.

It should be noted that "AzerGold" JSC will continue organizing traditional meetings with the population of the region within the framework of initiatives and projects aimed at target groups in the next year.



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