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"Azercell Telekom" in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation is launching the project "This is the right way"

"Azercell Telekom" in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation is launching the project "This is the right way"

The social campaign against drug addiction is aimed at dissuading young people from harmful habits, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and sports.

"Azercell Telekom" LLC announces the next stage of the large-scale series project implemented in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation. "This is the right way" social campaign aims to prevent teenagers and young people from harmful habits. The project is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing interest in sports, in addition to drawing attention to the consequences of drug addiction in our society, especially among young people.

"Azercell" invites young people to join the ranks of judokas in order to keep them away from harmful habits and ensure efficient organization of their free time. Young people who register in regions with schools and branches of the Judo Federation will have the opportunity to practice judo free of charge for 1 month.

As part of the campaign, a short film was also shot with famous rap singer Orkhan Zeynalli. In this film made by director Emil Guliyev, the story of two friends who grew up together from a young age is brought to life, and it describes the impact of the conflicting paths chosen by young people and the different decisions they make on their lives.

The same concept was continued in the posters that will be placed in different parts of the city within the framework of the "This is the right way" campaign. Thus, the examples of real people included in the posters reflect the destructive effects of drugs, and at the same time, the positive effect of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

It should be recalled that earlier, within the framework of a large-scale project in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, "Azercell Telekom" LLC aimed at promoting sports, fighting and self-confidence among girls, "White suits girls", and "I promise" social campaign touched on the globally relevant issue of bullying among young people and teenagers.



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