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Azercell announces the winners of the "Idea Incubation Program"

Azercell announces the winners of the "Idea Incubation Program"

The winners of the "Idea Incubation Program" implemented within the framework of the joint cooperation of "Azercell Telekom" LLC, ADA University Foundation (Azerbaijan) and ADA University have been determined.

The awarding ceremony of the winners took place at ADA University. 5 out of 20 registered teams had the opportunity to demonstrate their business model in the finals. As a result of the evaluation conducted by a jury consisting of professional mentors and experts, three teams with analytical thinking, problem definition skills, relevance of solution, market research and other advantages were selected as winners.

First place was awarded to the "Hackwarts" team. Within the framework of their business model, young people aimed to simplify the process of personnel search in companies and reduce the time spent on it. Thus, the platform presented by the team made it possible to check the technical skills required of the candidates from a single place. Second place was taken by the "Academia" team with an electronic teaching-methodical platform containing innovative teaching methods and approaches. The third-place winner was the "NetEdge" team with a solution that allows optimizing network planning in modern spaces.

In addition to the cash prize, the winners got the opportunity to participate in an internship program at Azercell. At the same time, valuable gifts and certificates were presented to the all teams.

Speaking at the event, Natiq Hajıyev, President of the ADA University Foundation (Azerbaijan), stated, "Azercell Telecom” has been one of the first corporate partners of the ADA University Foundation, supporting social responsibility projects for many years. This partnership contributes to the development of the startup ecosystem in our country, particularly at ADA University, by fostering idea-based businesses and transforming intellectual potential into capital."

It should be noted that within the framework of the year-long program, students of ADA University had the opportunity to participate in various mentoring sessions and seminars of local and foreign experts. Project participants improved their ideas with the support of professional mentors, acquired new product creation skills and worked on innovative solutions.



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