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"Azerbaijan Fish Farm" LLC is launching an educational project for future leaders

"Azerbaijan Fish Farm" LLC is launching an educational project for future leaders

"Azerbaijan Fish Farm" LLC - a company that plays an active role in the protection of marine fauna and is a leader in the production of sustainable Caspian caviar, proudly announces the launch of a two-year training program aimed at training sales specialists in the field of aquaculture and international business.


About the educational program:


The development program at "Azerbaijan Fish Farm" LLC includes theoretical courses and practical training in the company's production farms, as well as participation in international exhibitions. The program offers participants not only the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of aquaculture, but also to gain valuable experience in international trade operations and marketing.


Opportunities for program participants:


Participating in local and international exhibitions, representing "Azerbaijan Fish Farm" and Caspian caviar, is an important aspect of our activity aimed at restoring the glory of Azerbaijani caviar and protecting endemic fish species.


Candidate requirements:


If you are ready to start your career in a dynamically developing field, represent Azerbaijan at the world level and protect Azerbaijan's unique heritage, join our team:


* Fourth-year and graduate students, as well as recent graduates;

* Creative, innovative personalities, who strive for constant learning and professional development;

* Those who know Azerbaijani and English languages ​​(Arabic, German and French languages ​​are preferred);

* Those with strong communication skills (verbal and written).



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