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Annual CSR Report by Veyseloglu Group

Veyseloglu Group has published its annual CSR Report. Summary of projects:

1. Support for education:

  • Has been supporting "Geleceyini Gur" project for the 4th year in a row

  • Trainings for war veterans on Human Resource Management

2. Career opportunities for women:

  • Joined UN project "Increasing Economic Empowerment of Women in the South Caucasus"

  • "OBA" market chain also supports the career life of women within the framework of the "Women's Power" social project. In addition, various trainings and seminars are held for women

  • "Araz" supermarket chain implemented the project "Guneshe Salam" considering women's emotional health. The main goal of the project was to support martyred women, accelerate their adaptation to society, and help them gain new skills.

3. Revival of Karabakh:

  • The Group donated to the Karabakh Revival Fund since last year.

  • In June of this year, an irrigation vehicle was presented to the Karabakh Revival Fund to irrigate the fields in Agali village of Zangila.

  • Veysaloğlu Group of Companies was also the main sponsor of the "Karabakh Night" concert

  • The "Return" exhibition of support for heroes was also organized. For 2 years now, the profit from the exhibition has been donated to the "YASHAT" Foundation.

4. Children:

  • In Khinalig, one of the most remote villages of Azerbaijan, as well as in other remote regions, on the eve of the New Year, the "Santa Clauses of our OBAs" made children happy.

  • On the eve of Knowledge Day, "OBA" market chain visited the homes of some of the martyrs of the Patriotic War and congratulated schoolchildren on the start of the new academic year.

  • On June 1, "Veysaloglu Distribusiya" implemented the "Let's learn by having fun" project in Shamakhi for the children of the company's employees.

  • On the occasion of June 1 - International Children's Protection Day, the "Araz" supermarket chain met the children of the soldiers.

  • "OBA" implemented the "Children of the Sun" project in order to raise awareness about people with Down syndrome.

  • "OBA Market" also organizes an unforgettable day for children by traveling to regions within the framework of the "Following Dreams" project.

5. Environment and society

  • Veysaloglu Group of Companies donated 500 trees each to the Karabakh Revival Fund.

  • Ecological project was implemented under the slogan "Clean world, healthy life" with the joint organization of "OBA" market chain and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

  • "Araz" supermarket chain implemented the project "Hand over batteries, protect nature" and educated the public on this topic.

  • "Araz" provided food and water to the animals living on the street, and treated the animals through veterinarians.


Annual CSR Report by Veyseloglu Group


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