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"AgroWest" Group of Companies provided food aid to the families of martyrs

"AgroWest" Group of Companies provided food aid to the families of martyrs

On the occasion of New Year 2024 and the International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis, "AgroWest" Group of Companies gave parcels of daily food products to 100 families of martyrs living in Baku city and surrounding towns. The company's employees, who have been preparing for this assistance for a month, coped with the task with dignity.

Employees of the company went to the addresses where family members of the martyrs of the Second Karabakh war lived, gave holiday aid packages with a great sense of gratitude, and had a friendly conversation with them.

Employees said that "AgroWest" Group of Companies attaches great importance to philanthropy, and such steps are a small human debt to the souls of our martyrs who died for the Motherland.

It should be noted that "AgroWest" Group of Companies was with our soldiers and officers during the 44-day Second Karabakh War, and provided financial assistance to win our national victory.

Also, this year, the group of companies provided food aid and toys to family members of martyrs of the II Karabakh war living in Sabunchu district in connection with the International Children's Protection Day on June 1.



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