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A friendship match took place between Yelo Bank and Autizm Football Club

A friendship match took place between Yelo Bank and Autizm Football Club

June 1 - World Children's Day is coming soon. The main goal of this day is to provide an equal and bright future to every child, regardless of health conditions. As a Corporate Social Responsibility bank, Yelo Bank has once again taken a welcome initiative for children with autism. The Bank held a support project for the Autism Football Team, which involved more than 20 children and teenagers.

Last day in the office of Yelo Bank was remembered with moments full of excitement, joy and surprise. Players and coaching staff of the Autism Football Club were guests at the Head Office. First, an office tour was organized for the guests. They got to know Yelo Bank's office conditions and staff closely. Later, football, bocce and table tennis competitions were held in the Bank's gym. In the competitions, children suffering from autism faced the team of Yelo Bank in a friendship game. The young players of the club showed professionalism in all three sports and managed to beat the team of Yelo Bank. At the end of the event, the members of the club were presented with Yelo uniforms and necessary sports equipment for preparing for future competitions. Autism Football Club will be represented by Yelo jersey in the next competitions. Yelo Bank believes that these forms will bring them success!

Thanks to such events, it is possible to play a role in the socialization of autistic children, bring them into the society and give happy memories. The main purpose of this step taken by Yelo Bank is to inform the society about autism and convey the message that autism is not a disease, but a difference.



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