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Veyseloglu Group supported "DIGIAGE - Baku" digital game camp

Veyseloglu Group supported "DIGIAGE - Baku"

Veyseloglu Group supported "DIGIAGE - Baku" digital game camp. More than 4,000 participants have joined the camp based on more than 18,000 applications so far.

The digital game camp was organized in Baku with the joint organization of the "Innovations Center" of the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Information Valley Baku" and Azerbaijan Technical University.

Veyseloglu Group of Companies also supported the four-day camp. The purpose of the camp is to create opportunities for talented young people to develop games with the participation of professional mentors, to promote their projects. Also, supporting them to gain experience and sign new initiatives regarding the opportunities to enter the world market are the main goals.

"As Veyseloglu Group of Companies, we support new initiatives of young people and try to contribute to their development. By cooperating closely with universities, we create opportunities for students to benefit from the experience of professionals in our company," said Ulvi Babashov, director of information technologies of the Group of Companies, speaking about the event.

It should be noted that more than 4,000 participants have joined the "DIGIAGE" camp, organized for the eighth time, based on more than 18,000 applications. More than 10 of the more than seventy teams have become companies, and 7 teams have been invested in the amount of 250,000 dollars. The main goals are to provide mentoring support to individual participants, teams, companies who want to develop in the gaming sector and grow the ecosystem based on investment.

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