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The "Young Climate Ambassadors" conference has started in Gakh

The "Young Climate Ambassadors" conference has started in Gakh

"Young Climate Ambassadors" conference (YCAC 2024 - Young Climate Ambassadors Conference) was held in Gakh on March 30 with the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Tourism Agency, Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU), Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union (ATGTI), Gakh region Executive Authority, and organization of the ATMU Student Youth Organization. Representatives of relevant state institutions and students interested in the field of ecology take part in the event.

Opening the conference, the head of the Gakh region Executive Authority, Musa Shakiliyev, emphasized that the event dedicated to today's most pressing issues was held in this region by no means, that Gakh is located in a rich region in terms of both ecology and tourism, and expressed confidence that the project will play an important role in the formation of future climate ambassadors.

The official opening ceremony concluded with the presentation of the conference "Young Climate Ambassadors" by Samir Abdullayev, chairman of ATMU Student Youth Organization.

Then, trainings on "Sustainable development, healthy world and healthy people", "Ecology and environmental protection", "About ecotourism", "COP29" were held for the project participants.

On the second day of the conference - on March 31, visits to historical monuments and sights of the region will be organized, young students will participate in tree planting action in Kurmukchay area under the motto "For the sake of a green world". The purpose of the action is to help restore the ecological balance by planting trees, protect the environment, enrich the atmosphere with oxygen, and direct the public's attention to the protection of greenery.



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