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The Interior Furniture Forum (IMF2024) will be held for the first time in our country

The Interior Furniture Forum (IMF2024) will be held for the first time in our country

The forum, which will be held with the concept message "View from the Future" on May 30, 2024, is planned to bring together 600 participants and 200 companies, covering a whole day at Gulustan Palace.

Organized by "Facemark" company and platinum sponsorship by "Mutfakçı" company, the Interior Furniture Forum will play the role of a platform for interior designers and furniture manufacturers in Azerbaijan. Architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers working in our country, entrepreneurs engaged in the sale of home decoration products and foreign companies working in this field will be the main participants of the forum.

The world appeals to the expansion of the application of advanced examples in the field of interior design and furniture in the Azerbaijani market. The forum brings together professionals for the advancement of the interior design profession and the development of professional furniture production in our country. The main objective of IMF2024 is to exchange ideas by discussing and analyzing the speeches of professional speakers in the field of design and their experiences in the field.

To get tickets to the Interior Furniture Forum and get detailed information about the event, you can go to the official website of the forum ( and follow social media accounts.



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