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"Shokki Mokki" congratulated wives of martyrs

"Shokki Mokki" congratulated wives of martyrs

The first children's brand of our country "Shokki Mokki" supported the event organized on the occasion of March 8 - International Women's Day. The aforementioned brand, which closely participated in the organization of the event for the wives of martyrs and their children, who died for the integrity of our homeland, invited an animator and organized interesting competitions for the children to have an interesting time. Various famous singers also participated in the event where interesting gifts were presented to children.

It should be noted that "Shokki Mokki" adheres to the motto "Happy growing tomorrows" and implements various projects for the successful future of children living in the capital and regions. Hundreds of children are provided with pre-school education within the framework of the "My School" project implemented by the national brand. This project, implemented jointly by UAFA organization, is one of the largest Corporate Social Responsibility projects of our country.



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