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"SABAH.incubation" successfully completed the "Green Hackathon" event

"SABAH.incubation" successfully completed the "Green Hackathon" event

A two-day "Green Hackathon" event was held by "SABAH.incubation", which is part of the "SABAH.HUB" Innovation Center that supports the realization of startup ideas. At the event held with the participation of more than 100 people, innovative young people, representatives of "SABAH.HUB" Innovation Center and partners acted as judges in order to present the startup ideas of "Making the world greener and healthier".

On the first day, participants actively participated in the opening ceremony, Kick-off session, Green idea generation and Green idea problem solving sessions.

In accordance with the "Hackathon" principle, participants prepared for presentations with the help of mentors and "SABAH.HUB" representatives for two days.

The members of the jury include Orkhan Abbasov (SABAH.HUB), Mubariz Shahbazli (UNEC Startup Incubator), Tugra Musayeva (PASHA Holding), Ilham Askerli (SOCAR), Kheyraddin Mehdizadeh (SOCAR).

"SABAH.incubation" is the organizer of the event, mentor and logistics support was provided by "UNEC Startup Incubator" Center, "Matrix Academy", Baku Design Academy. "" acted as a media partner.

The Green Hackathon event organized by SABAH.incubation will continue with its mission to strengthen the startup ecosystem and create innovative solutions for a greener world.



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