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Professional Intelligence League sponsored by "Misli" was concluded

Professional Intelligence League sponsored by "Misli" was concluded

"Misli" brand of Azerbaijan's legal lottery and sports betting operator Azerlotereya OJSC has supported event that contributes to the progress of science and education in the country, the intellectual development of young generation, and helps them spend their free time effectively. With the sponsorship of "Misli", the final round of the Professional Intellect League (PIL) was held, where the best professionals of the country in intellectual games competed.

The PIL, which has been carried out for years, continued this year with the support of "Misli". The goal is to support the movement of intellectual games, increase interest in science and education among young people, expand their world view, create a competitive environment, as well as instill the history and culture of Azerbaijan in the young generation.

A total of 23 tournaments were organized between February and December, and more than 50 different teams participated. More than 400 people benefited from the games every week. During the year, more than 8500 people participated in these games. 24 teams competed in the final.

In the end, the 1st place was awarded to "Santa Clara", the 2nd place to "Avangard", and the 3rd place to "Nirvana" teams. Valuable gifts and cash prizes were presented to the winning teams.

"Azerlotereya" will continue to closely participate in the organization of nationally important events in the direction of sports development.



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