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PASHA Holding has held the closing ceremony for the "Əlaçı" Scholarship Program

PASHA Holding has held the closing ceremony for the "Əlaçı" Scholarship Program

In 2022, PASHA Holding, which places great importance on the professional development of the younger generation and implements various projects in this direction, introduced the “Əlaçı” program as part of its CSR activities.

The “Əlaçı” program is a one-year scholarship program aimed at third and fourth-year undergraduate students, providing them with a monthly stipend. Covering the 2023-2024 academic year, this is the second edition of the “Əlaçı” program, during which events and trainings focused on the professional and personal development of the students have been organized.

It is noteworthy that over 2100 students applied to the program, and 110 students were selected. During the project, a three-month personal development marathon, offline training sessions, individual mentoring support, career simulations, networking meetings, and meetings with specialists from PASHA Holding, PASHA Insurance, and PASHA Technology were organized. These activities have contributed to the development of both the soft skills and career growth of the students.

Additionally, during the current program, the “Sığortaçı” School was organized for the “Əlaçı” students, in which 20 students were selected to participate in insurance-related training. Furthermore, during the overall project period, nearly 20 “Əlaçı” students began their careers within the PASHA group.



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