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Opportunity: ECO Ambassador Girls

ECO Ambassador Girls

Admission to "ECO Ambassador Girls" ("EKO Səfir Qızlar") program begins for the first time in Azerbaijan.

The "ECO Ambassador Girls" program, which supports the education of girls on environmental issues through the non-formal education method, has been launched in the regions of Azerbaijan.

The program covers various environmental awareness topics (climate change, recycling, alternative energy sources, waste management, tree planting, etc.) and aims to inspire girls and encourage them to choose different careers for their future.

"ECO Ambassador Girls" program will not only increase the environmental knowledge of the participants, but will also give them the opportunity to act as ambassadors for environment in their communities and to achieve sustainable development.

In addition, during the program, 10 mentors will work to support the girls in their future activities and train them while working with local communities and transfer relevant knowledge.

During the 6-month program, 50 young girls aged 15-18 from 5 regions of Azerbaijan (Guba, Gusar, Barda, Aghdam and Mingachevir) will be trained as environmental ambassadors of the community, they will be prepared for social project management. At the same time, a group of 10 youth workers and teachers from the regions will be trained as mentors.

The "ECO Ambassador Girls" program, created by the graduates of the Exchange Program of the US State Department from Azerbaijan, is supported by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan and is implemented with the organizational support of Resource HUB.

Registration link for the "ECO Ambassador Girls" program participants:

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