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"Mother language - Azerbaijani school" project has started online classes

Mother language - Azerbaijani school

The "Mother language - Azerbaijani school" project has started distance classes starting from the new academic year.

To date, nearly 600 compatriots from 29 different countries have applied for participation in the project. After the analysis of applications, more than 300 participants in the age category of 6-18, in total 35 groups, started mother language lessons.

The groups were organized taking into account the age, language level and time zone of the project participants. The educational program of the project was prepared on the basis of topics that included information about history, literature, geography and culture of our country. Classes are held twice a week on "Microsoft Teams" platform. The program will cover the 2023-2024 academic year with two quarters.

In the near future, video lessons will be posted on the project's social media accounts and online learning platform for those who cannot attend the lessons due to time and age category.

It should be noted that " Mother language - Azerbaijani school" is a pilot project that provides remote learning of the native language for our compatriots living abroad, organized by the Association of Young Teachers of Azerbaijan.

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