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"Khoncha" participated in Professions Festival

"Khoncha" participated in Professions Festival

"Khoncha" (“Xonça”) factory of "Araz" supermarket chain participated in Professions Festival. The Professions Festival, organized for the second time in our country by the State Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, was concluded in Baku.

"Khoncha", one of the largest confectionery factories of the Caucasus, exhibited more than 1000 products in 40 varieties at the festival. Participants were given information about the products and their preparation. Technologists of "Khoncha" conducted master training for young people in the stage of choosing a profession. In the master class, 3 types of chocolate, strawberry and forest berry desserts were made.

It should be noted that "Khoncha" factory, which produces 8,000 tons of products per year, produces more than 200 types of sweets and flour products, as well as provides catering services. Working with specially trained technologists and staff in France, Germany, Austria, Russia and Ukraine, the factory produces various types of aromatic breads, buns, cakes and sweets of Eastern and European cuisine, and packaged ready-made products. Currently, "Khoncha" products are presented to buyers in "Araz" and "Spar" stores of Veysaloğlu Group of Companies, and the company also provides various products to large corporate companies and five-star hotels of the country.



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