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"AzerGold" CJSC visited the families of martyrs in Dashkasan region

AzerGold visited the families of martyrs

"AzerGold" CJSC visited the families of martyrs registered in Dashkasan region on September 27 - Memorial Day.

The purpose of the visit organized within the framework of the priorities of work with the local population and communities of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of CJSC is to keep the family members of our martyrs in constant attention, to make an additional contribution to the state's policy in the direction of improving their well-being.

During the visit organized on the eve of the Memorial Day, parcels containing various food products were presented to the families of the martyrs.

It should be noted that campaigns of this type, which are carried out regularly within the framework of the policy of "AzerGold" CJSC on Social Impact and Responsibility, are aimed on supporting socio-economically oriented state programs.

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