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Another support for young people from Yelo Bank

Another support for young people from Yelo Bank

One of the main directions of Yelo Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is to initiate projects aimed at supporting young people. For this purpose, the Bank actively cooperates with many universities and student organizations. Yelo Bank was one of the partners of the "Voice of the Youth" panel meeting held last week and jointly organized by the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the "Support to Youth Education" Public Union. The event is dedicated to February 2 Youth Day.

The event started with a question-and-answer panel of well-known guests and social activists. After such meetings, which lasted for a week, a project presentation was held. Project proposals submitted by talented young people as a team for the "Year of Solidarity for a Green World" were evaluated by the judges. At the end of the event, the winning team was awarded with special gifts and financial support to realize their projects.

Yelo Bank will continue its support projects for the career development of young talents. If you are interested in career opportunities in banking, you can follow Yelo Team on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.



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